Discover the Best WordPress Hosting Services of 2016.

Choosing the best WordPress host for your site isn’t always an easy task, but we’re here to provide insightful recommendations. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here we will outline the Best WordPress Hosting Services of 2016 for small businesses, startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Our recommendations are based on price, customer service, value, and overall features. Do you seek an expert opinion on purchasing a wordpress hosting service? Here at WebGurus, we aim to help future website-builders learn why a certain hosting service is better than others, what shared (or managed) hosting service qualities to look out for, and who has the fastest wordpress hosting speed, etc. Let’s get started!

Just a short side note, we included a video below that outlines our recommendations extremely well. The company that created the video, Ivva Web Design & Marketing, provides affordable web design services for small businesses. They also focus on growing businesses through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing campaigns.

The top three wordpress hosting services that are highly ranked among many tests are Siteground, Eleven2, and Inmotion hosting.

1. Best Hosting Service Overall – Siteground

SiteGround was the best performing service for the best value according to our standards, and is very impressive considering the $3.95 price point for their ‘StartUp’ hosting tier. That’s right, ONLY $4 PER MONTH for hosting. It only allows for one wordpress website, but it’s a great call (especially because they rank among the best for speed (load times) and customer service.

Click the image to visit Siteground and browse their services:

siteground hosting service

2. Greatest WordPress Hosting Features – Eleven2

Eleven2 is one of the smaller hosting services that we reviewed, but it definitely stood its ground against the others. With that said, performance-wise they do pretty well as a shared hosting provider. With site load times of just under a second throughout the entire test, Eleven2 isn’t the fastest, but they’re definitely no slowpoke. Their pricing starts at $2.98 per month for a limited time! (Offer may end soon). Definitely a great choice for the incredible features they provide (which can be found on their website).

Click the image to visit Eleven2 and browse their services:

eleven2 logo

3. The Jack-Of-All-Trades Hosting Company – InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting’s speeds and customer service are very highly acclaimed. With one of the fastest minimum response times, and by far the fastest max response time, InMotion stayed right around 600ms for their speed tests according to WPSitecare. This is a great option for anyone that’s new to wordpress, especially considering their customer service and easy-to-use features for starters.

Click here to visit their website:

inmotion logo


For your convenience, I have provided a wonderful video done by Ivva that reviews all three of these services.


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What are the important qualities to look for in a good wordpress hosting company? Here is a brief review:


Our recommended services are among the best for guaranteed uptime (%99.999), but if you feel it’s necessary, do a quick search on the web to see how often people report about downtime, slowness or if their site has been compromised.

Performance (Shared)

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting for WordPress available. For small businesses or projects, it’s great. It allows for multiple domains depending on your plan, and generally supports quick load times.

Customer Support

Customer support varies widely across many different web hosts so it’s great to know that the services above respond quickly, handle issues well, and engage with their customers.


Thanks for reading!